In Route, three orphaned sisters endure a tumultuous car ride on California's i280 after an explosive sex scandal at their Catholic school involving the middle sister, Jade. Sole guardian and eldest sister Scarlet attempts to uncover the true reason why Jade would flippantly throw away her future, all while hiding a scandalous secret of her own. While trying to keep the peace, nine year old sister Georgia discovers much more than she bargained for about the sisters she thought she knew. In one journey home packed with humor and tears, Route explores how we physically and metaphorically crash into one another.


The hook-handed man. The murdered roommate. The girl who has been dead twenty-five years. Everyone knows those classic scary stories... but why do we love them so much? Alexandra Shields' new play Dread is a creepy journey through our contemporary horror mythos.


"What is your freedom worth?" In Twelve, Alexandra Shields concocts a twisted dark comedy replete with talking heads, Democracy, and a dash of punk rock. This young audiences/young voices tale is a feminist reimagining of the fairytale classic: The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Twelve sisters find themselves imprisoned by their despot father, King Augustus, but they escape each night with the help of the king's steward, Humphrey, and a mysterious figure only known as The Old Crone. The king issues a decree that if any young suitor can discover how the princesses are escaping, they will be able to pick any of his daughters to be their wife. Should they fail, they will be executed. When this decree ultimately threatens Humphrey's life, the princesses must face the ultimate cost of their freedom, and tackle the mounting divisions in their own ranks. Will the girls give up their freedom to save the life of a friend? What are the true motivations of the enigmatic Old Crone? And where have the princesses been going at night?

A mother's mysterious disappearance leads a father and daughter to a land in which sinister copies try to replace the people they love. This short sci-fi thriller screeenplay delves into the fickle nature of memory, and explore the reality of forgetting those we love most.

Is It You?


On an ill fated choir trip to Disneyland, seven children find themselves trapped in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone reception. Forced to talk to one another, the children find themselves sharing their deepest stories, tales that range from a swashbuckling pirate battle to a sit com complete with a studio audience. Unbeknownst to the storytellers, what they share may not stay between them. In this whimsical adaptation of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, Alexandra Shields explores middle school social hierarchy and romance.